Unleash the power of serene nights with our Deep Sleep CBD Bundle—Comet Sleep Gummies, Arctic Ease Salve Stick, and CBD Isolate Drops. Elevate your bedtime ritual and embrace profound tranquility. 🌙❄️

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Experience a journey into the serenity of sleep with our exclusive “Deep Sleep CBD Bundle.” This thoughtfully curated trio begins with Comet Sleep Gummies, each delicious bite designed to guide you gently into a realm of tranquility. Complementing this restful journey is the 500mg Arctic Ease Salve Stick, offering targeted relief that eases away the tensions of the day. Enhance your bedtime ritual further with the 500mg CBD Isolate Drops, a concentrated elixir designed to bring calm and relaxation. This bundle isn’t just about sleep; it’s a holistic approach to nighttime wellness, embracing the power of CBD in every facet. Elevate your evenings, redefine your sleep, and embrace the profound peace of our Deep Sleep CBD Bundle.

What’s in the bundle?

• 1x Comet CBD Sleep Gummies
• 1x 500mg Arctic Ease Salve Stick
• 1x 500mg CBD Isolate Drops

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