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CBD Healing Skin Oil

Moisturize, brighten, and renew your skin with the Heal & Glow Skin Oil. This oil is made with all-natural, vegan botanicals that are carefully chosen for their healing benefits. Now you can use CBD and coconut oil for skin as it could prevent future damage and promote faster healing. Maybe try to fight those trouble spots at the source by targeting cellular regeneration. Acne, fresh wounds, scars, new tattoos, and irritated dry skin require special attention and topical protection.

CBD skin Healing Oil is ideal for skin because it could reduce inflammation and promotes faster, more complete healing. Coconut oil and manuka honey support the process with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits that give your skin the best chance to remodel. Additionally, pure vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to prevent scarring while lanolin adds surface protection with deep, lasting moisture. The silky oil sinks in deeply with a non-greasy feel and long-term benefits.

CBD healing oil is undoubtedly our star product. CBD oil is beneficial for a lot of reasons and one of them is healing skin conditions. What most people don’t know about CBD oil is that it works the same way when it is applied externally on your skin as when you orally consume it. That is why almost 36% of CBD users have confirmed that CBD oil has healing properties, regardless of the way it is administered. The most common skin condition that everyone of us has faced at some point in our lives is acne. One common cause of acne is inflammation. According to the latest studies, CBD oil might help treat acne as it could potentially reduce sebum production coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties. Our CBD healing oil is perfect for keeping your skin healthy. All our CBD products are lab-tested, making them safe for daily use.

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